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My name is Shabnam Jabbari. I am a Biochemist and Clinical Trial Portfolio Manager by education and trade, and an Interior Designer by passion.  I am enthusiastic about all kinds of art and design and often find that unexpected beauty inspires my designs.

I am Persian, and love everything French and Italian. In fact, my husband Corey and I were married in Ravello, Italy and honeymooned throughout Italy and Paris, France.

I am also a furmom to our Boxer, Cane (short for Hurricane).  He is an angel and makes me a better person, every day.

I come from a long line of science lovers; there aren’t many artists in my family. My grandfather had a harmonious blend of science and design skills, as a renown architect and engineer. I suspect this is where I got my genetic disposition for design.

Prior to working as a Biochemist and Clinical Trial Portfolio Manager I worked as a Landscape Designer and also published research in Botany. I have a love for flowers, and dream of owning a flower shop one day. My intolerance to the extreme weather and humidity in Indianapolis, IN brought me indoors as an Interior Designer.

My husband is a GM for a regional custom home remodeling company, and has been in construction for over 20 years.  He also has a passion for art and has been creating art of all forms for most of his life.  Together, we have designed and built two personal homes and continue to work on many projects from concept to completion. If I’m not working on a project, I’m planning the next!

In addition to designing my personal homes, I also provide full service interior design to my clients.

Thank you for visiting and please join me on my journey of adding beauty to the world, one project at a time.

xo, Shabnam